Saturday, May 5, 2012


As you may know I originally set out to find the perfect news reading tool.  As I set out to find the perfect blend of news sources and delivery methods, the technology world (as it does so often) spun around and went in an direction that I was not expecting.  I was thinking RSS would maintain a stronghold and continue forward as the dominant news delivery method.  I was not prepared for the changes that occurred over the last few years.  Little did I know that a 140 character limit would become such a vital part of the internet.

Because of this change and the changes within the RSS world as well as my disappointment with being able to use RSS as the perfect news delivery system I lost motivation which meant I stopped posting.  As I evaluate what was really going on I found it has nothing to do with the internet, a 140 character limit or changes to the RSS readers.  What it really boiled down to was what I thought was going to be great really turned out to be very overwhelming.  Ultimately my disappointment in the available tools drained my motivation to write in the technical space which led to diminishing and non-existent postings.

Realizing that the world seems to revolve around Twitter and Facebook these days, I am going to look at these in more detail.  Looking the services themselves as well as at some of the ancillary web tools that have popped up to support them.  I know my readers are all but lost so I will reset expectations.  My intent is to write at least once a week.  To write quality posting that will be more about content than length.  I will still focus on how to use the tools in terms that non-techies, non-geeks can understand although some writings will undoubtedly have some tech-speak.  Tune in next week to see which service will start off the relaunch of TwonSolo.